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Subdivision of Land

A successful subdivision is considered to be one of more profitable ways to capitalise on the value of your property. However, subdividing land in Victoria can be a complex process.

We have experienced lawyers who guide you through each single step, in a calm, efficient and effective manner. This ensures your wise investment strategy of subdividing land is fuss-free and without incident.


There are five main stages in the subdivision process:

  1. Engage a licensed land surveyor
  2. Apply and receive a planning permit for development
  3. Submit the plan of subdivision for certification to local Council
  4. Obtain a statement of compliance from local Council
  5. Lodge plan at Land Use Victoria / Titles Office

Once a licensed land surveyor has accurately measured and defined your land boundaries, you are required to provide a statement of compliance. This is where you are required to engage a property lawyer and conveyancer to register the plan of subdivision at the title office to create your new titles. The process from engaging a licensed land surveyor to lodging plans at the Title Office can take up to 18 months. Incorrect paperwork can extend the length of time.

As your property lawyer, we ensure paperwork is completed correctly and if banks are involved, we would also seek your bank’s permission to register your subdivisions, to make the title available so the land can be subdivided. Whether it is 2 lot subdivisions or large developments, our experienced property lawyers will offer the right legal advice for property subdivision in Victoria.

If you are considering subdividing your land, our experienced property lawyers are available to hear your queries and give sound, practical advice. Please call or contact us via email.

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