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Retirement Village Contracts

In Victoria, there are thousands of Retirement Village residents.  Residents’ contracts vary significantly from village to village – and sometimes within the same village.  It is important to understand the offer being made to you before you accept it. 

Not all contracts are the same

The two main types of contracts used in Victoria are loan-licence / loan-lease agreements and strata title purchases. 

Loan-licence and loan-lease agreements require the payment of an ingoing contribution from which fees are deducted when you depart the village.  You should receive from the village a Loan-Licence / Loan-Lease agreement, Management Contract, Factsheet and Disclosure Statement. 

Strata Title purchases involve the purchase of real estate within the village.  When you leave the village, that real estate must be sold.  You should receive from the village a Contract of Sale, a Vendor’s Statement, a Management Contract, Disclosure Statement and Factsheet. 

These documents are not easy to navigate. 

What we do

We provide you with written, legal advice so that you can make an informed decision.  If you choose to go ahead, then we coordinate the signing of documents and settlement with the village.     

Our independent, written legal advice typically includes and explains: 

  • Fees (ingoing, ongoing and departure); 
  • Services (inclusive and optional); 
  • Restrictions (for example, pets and parking); 
  • Information regarding the financial management of the village (for example, the state of the long-term maintenance fund, if any); and  
  • Your rights and responsibilities. 

Our advice will prove to be a handy reference during your residency and when you leave the village. We protect you and can assist with all legal aspects in relation to Retirement Village contracts. If you would like our lawyers to provide you with personal, tailored advice, call or contact us via email.


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