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Partnership and Commercial Agreements

If you are starting a business with a best friend, family member or just an acquaintance, a Partnership or Commercial Agreement is essential for peace of mind.

This type of agreement is often negotiated at the commencement of a business arrangement, when the relationship is amicable, between all people involved.

The agreement sets out everyone’s rights and obligations to what they can and can’t do. For example, if a person chooses to leave the business at a later date, the Partnership Agreement would define what this person has the ability to do in order to sell their interest and exit the business. 

There is a belief that given the close personal relationship two people have negates the need to have a formal Partnership or Commercial agreement. 

This is not the case, circumstances change. That is the reality.

Therefore, a formal agreement helps define the nature of the partnership, including:

  • How a business dispute is resolved;
  • How a person can exit the business;
  • What happens when a person has an accident and is unable to perform their duties within the business;
  • What happens when a person passes away.

Once an agreement is in place, each person knows what their obligations, rights and expectations are.

When a business or the partners are no longer functioning in a positive or productive way, being able to produce and rely upon a written agreement is crucial. 

Winding up a business that has a water-tight partnership agreement costs far less than the cost to take the matter to court. Many disputes can be resolved quickly or avoided altogether with a Partnership or Commercial Agreement in place. However, if the agreement is poorly drafted or there is no such document, then the matter is likely to result in a costly dispute with no guaranteed outcome.

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