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Pure excellence in legal matters

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Pure excellence in legal matters

Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Having an experienced litigation lawyer to help resolve your legal disputes generally leads to a more successful outcome. Resolving civil disputes via litigation is usually the last resort for most people when previous communications or negotiations have not obtained the desired result. Being involved in any legal dispute is stressful. However, obtaining the right legal advice at the beginning of any dispute is advantageous to the end result.  You need to know where you stand as early as possible. Our experienced lawyers protect your interests, assist you throughout the stressful process and ensure it is as smooth as possible.

With many different jurisdictions to contend with, we are experienced in all areas of the law to give you thorough advice in both simple and complex cases. We practice in a variety of systems, including:

  • Magistrate’s Court
  • County Court
  • Supreme Court 
  • Court of Appeal
  • High Court
  • Federal Court 
  • VCAT and other tribunals

We are also experienced in Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR), which includes negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. ADRs are usually entered voluntarily, which makes it more cost effective. At times, an ADR is ordered via the courts. 

Making an informed choice

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Mackinnon Jacobs Lawyers ensures you are protected from every angle and can assist with all legal aspects in relation to dispute resolution and litigation. If you would like our lawyers to provide you with the right advice, call or contact us via email.

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